english business, part 2

Click on the answer you think is correct. In some examples two answers may be possible but one is more natural than the other. This natural one is the correct answer.

1. I’m very hungry. I_________ all day.
a) didn’t eat
b) haven’t ate
c) haven’t eaten
d) have been eating
2. Their new kitchen looks fantastic. They _____ completely _____ it.
a) have _____ beenredecorating
b) have _____ redecorated
c) already _____ redecorated
d) didn’t _____ redecorated
3. Our kitchen’s a mess. We____________ any cleaning for weeks.
a) didn’t do
b) haven’t been doing
c) have done
d) haven’t done
4. I think they are dating. They____________ a lot of each other recently.
a) had seen
b) haven’t been seeing
c) have been seeing
d) have seen
5. We’ve discovered this great café and we_____________ there a lot.
a) have been going
b) have gone
c) are going
d) have went
6. How’s your Mum? I _____________ her for ages.
a) had seen
b) haven’t seen
c) haven’t been seeing
d) didn’t see
7. You’re covered in paint! What __________ you __________?
a) have _____ done
b) were _____ doing
c) did _____ do
d) have _____ been doing
8. She’s gone to the doctor’s. She ______________ too well lately.
a) hasn’t felt
b) hasn’t been feeling
c) has felt
d) doesn’t feel
9. Where have you been? I____________ for ages.
a) have waited
b) waited
c) was waiting
d) have been waiting
10. I have to write an essay. I__________ about half of it so far.
a) have written
b) have been writing
c) wrote
d) have to write
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